Linux is among the frequently used Operating Systems for servers. There are tens of different distributions which use the exact same core, but the greater part have a few things in common - they are 100 % free to use, which lessens the total cost of the website hosting service as license fees will not be included in what you need to pay; they're easy to manage; and last, but not least, they are much more secure in comparison with competitor OSs, since random files, especially virus-infected ones, just can't be executed on the web server. Thus, you are able to enjoy a protected service and spend the time creating and promoting your Internet sites, not worrying about safety issues. A lot of Linux-based machines use the Apache web server to handle the HTTP traffic, as this software system is extremely fast and is also uncomplicated to maintain and personalize as per the needs of the website hosting provider. A Linux web server with Apache is the best software environment for your Internet sites and it is not a coincidence that many popular script-driven applications out there require LAMP, which symbolizes Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Stable Linux with Apache in Cloud Hosting

The cloud hosting accounts we provide are set up on our cutting-edge custom cloud hosting platform. Separate clusters of servers are used to take care of every single part of the hosting service, such as email messages, databases and so forth. All of our machines run Linux. The latter has been customized so as to ensure that we can give you a secure web hosting service without wasting system resources. We also use the powerful Apache web server and we also have an entire cluster for it, so that all HTTP requests between visitors and your Internet sites shall be handled without any delay. You shall be able to use a number of languages for your Internet sites – HTML, Python, Perl, JavaScript, and so forth., and you shall not have to be concerned about security or stability issues at any time.